About Us

Mission Statement

“Building concrete relationships for a solid future”

Our company mission is to form long lasting relationships that will help Glendale Builders’ Supplies and our valued network to prosper and have longevity.

Company History


Glendale 1940

Glendale Builders’ Supplies is a family owned and operated corporation that still believes in traditional family values. Since its genesis in 1934, Glendale Builders’ Supplies has maintained high standards of ethics and integrity, and has provided quality community and customer service. In the midst of complex technical innovations, tight competition, and constant change, Glendale Builders’ Supplies continues to remain dedicated to its priorities of environmental safety, quality performance, and customer satisfaction. We select high grade construction materials for the retail market, specializing in reinforcement steel, masonry, concrete, plastering, and other diverse building products to accommodate our clientele.

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